Tired & Tested Growth Hacking Tactics for Startups

By Jon Yong Fook (Author of Growth Hacking Handbook)

5 Famous Growth Hacks

1)      The Little Big Horn

  • If your target market is difficult to reach instead of tackling it, HEAD OUT, GO AFTER an adjusted market in order to stimulate demand.
  • For Example: Facebook was introduced to big and famous universities first. Then small universities will follow the same footsteps.
  •  Begin with a well-defined target market and expand over time

2)      The Waiting List

  • Instead of letting users sign up and start using your service immediately, put them into a waiting list which lowly work through
  • For Example: MAILBOX
  • If user wish to jump queue, tweet about it
  • Exclusivity is a powerful marketing tool but it’s impossible to fake
  • Get tech entrepreneur to use it

3)      The Cross Post

  • A feature on your app allows user to post to one of their existing social networks
  • Usually with a line of code

4)      The Power By

  • Put your company name and contact detail at the bottom of all the content your users create

5)      The Back Scratch

  • Incentivize users to invite their friends by offering a 2-way reward. A reward for the friend who get invited and reward for the person who did the inviting
  • For Example: DROPBOX

5 Super-Fast Growth Hacks

1)      The Bio Hack

  • Add your company name/url to every social profile you create
  • Example: “Posted by Jon, a beatrixapp.com” – a simple way to passively increase exposure

2)      Disable Back Navigation Hack

  • On signup forms, disable back navigation to prevent users from exiting the form. This helps to increase form completion rates
  • Any email is an opportunity

3)      Google Authorship Hack

  • Appear by your blog posts in SERPs
  • Pitchpigeon.com
  • Moving tactics
  • Try out quickly
  • Some marketing tactics become ineffective over time. Exploit on it

4)      Open Graph Image Hack

  • Add an open graph-optimized image to your best blog content with a title and graph.
  • This helps to increase clicks and shares on Facebook
  • Big open graph image set using : <meta property:”og:Image”

5)      Power point Hack

  •  slideshare has great SEO
  • hijack the SERP by converting your popular blogposts into power point format, for posting on slideshare
  • slideshare.net/kissmetrics for a good case study
  • Example: Affiliate marketing increase revenue
  • Easier to get it on google page 1 are youtube and slideshare
  • Your blog on Page 1 of google? HARD
  • Your youtube content on page 1? EASY

5 Long Game Growth Hacks

1)      The Partner Embed Hack

  • Put your app/online store etc on someone else website via partnership agreement
  • Do average share so everyone is happy
  • Example: Well-known Japanese magazine partnership
  • Very high quality of return

2)      The Celebrity Endorsement

  • Get your app/service featured by a celebrity(obviously for a handsome fee) with a relevant audience for a distribution boost
  • This actually happened. We engaged with celebrity chef a (kinda famous) to promote a frying pan sale we were doing
  • This led to celebrity chef B (more famous) organically promoting the sale too because he saw B’s blog and like the blog

3)      Free Tool Hack-Hubspot

  • Create a free tool related to your main service, that bring relevant prospects to your site and encourages social sharing to spread the word
  • Hubspot creates simple free marketing tools to market its  mmore complex , paid marketing tools

4)      Integration Partner Hack

  • Integrate with a related/ complementary service and get listed on their site as an integration partner

5)      The Turbo Hack

  • Improve the spread of your app/service direct correlation to conversions
  • Perceived speed is as important as actual speed
  • Actual speed : Sharp decline in conversion rate as site load time increase
  • Perceived speed is make your ajax indicators spin faster = app feels faster (I ‘m serious)
  • 90% of progress bars are lying
  • But they makes us feel warm and fuzzy which is good
  • Warm and fuzzy is good for retention/ conversion
Keynote Session: The Art and Science of Growth Hacking

Neil Patel ( Founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics)

Growth is important & most great companies take it seriously ~ Adam Nash

Who are your customer?

Where do you reach your customer?

Channels to get crowded fast?

1)      Integration

a)      Integrations make your product better

b)      Measure your conversations & revenue

c)       Discover valuable integrations

d)      Ask user about integrations

e)      Make your partner pages awesome

f)       Interview user base

2)      Work emails

a)      Optimize on-boarding

b)      Show people who they should follow

c)       Utilize invitation during on-boarding

d)      Measure number of people in every company

e)      Discover the engaging interaction

f)       Tell user to keep inviting, how they using product

3)      Embedded

a)      Why should people embedded?

b)      Make it easy as possible to embed

c)       Track how well your embeds convert

d)      Test relevant call to actions

e)      Optimize for search but don’t obsess

f)       Easy to embed / simple as possible

4)      Powered by

a)      What are you powering?

b)      Test the speed of your landing pages

c)       Track views, clicks, conversation & LTV

d)      Measure individual effectiveness

e)      Customize landing page

5)      Free Stuff

a)      Map to customer decision making

b)      Think above what you can re purpose

c)       Educate your prospects

d)      Test your ideas minimally (Ghetto)

e)      Measure & optimize revenue


  • Figure out what’s best for your product
  • You have no excuse of making money
  • Focus in making money
  • Social enterprise on education/ critical thinking. How to attract more?
  • gamify it,”hey, your scores is this! Share on Facebook”
  • Everyday refresh on leader
  • Comparison article/ show the difference
  • Create community & share
  • Do something weird

Exit technology http://bounceexchange.com/

The 3rd Drinkentrepreneurs event in JB is back!

[Friendship Post]

The 3rd Drinkentrepreneurs event in JB is back! Now bigger and better! In conjunction with our 3rd successful event, we would like to make it extra special for all our attendees

Complimentary welcome drink for all registered guest and get chauffeured luxuriously to our event and back all on us!

» Here’s how «

1) Register on our Eventbrite link below:

2) Download Uber on your smartphone and use this promo code ‘UBERDEJB’ for 2 FREE luxury rides to our event and back.

Date: 25th September 2014 (Thurs)
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: Quando Quando, Hotel Granada
(next to McDonalds Bukit Indah)

Picnic Lite App - Bring back Malaysians’ Favourite Past Time

Picnic Lite

"Berkelah" mean Picnic in Malay Language. It is Malaysian’s favourite past time. During weekend or public holiday, parent will bring their kids for picnic at the nearby recreation center. The idea was transformed into the mobile game.

Be Different From Others in Business World

6 September 2014

How to get your message to your audience?

How to explain your business in 60s?

How to be the unique one?

Mr. Ken Neoh (founder of Infinete Loop Media) shared with us the green screen technology to on video production

A technique he applied to make 8 days hotel stand out from other.

For more information,

Website: http://www.infineteloop.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfineteLoop

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/infineteloop

Startup Wave is Coming to Johor


If you miss out the great sharing by Mr. Lim Feng (Founder of At20s) on 6 September 2014 Meet up, here is some tips from the founder.

  • Think Globally
  • Think Competitive

For more information,

Website: http://www.startupjohor.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StartupWeekendJB

Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/startupjohor

Suit Up! Lasert Tag Battle is in Johor Bahru


Wonder how Laser Tag technology work? Is the game safe?

All the questions are solved when Mr John gave his sharing in August 2014 meet up.

- It is based on RFID technology.

- It is less painful or no pain compare to paintball game

- The laser gun need to use 2 hands to hold.

- Players can not play like riffle or movie star. Use one hand to shot other.

- It has multiple safety features.

For more information, check it out at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaserBattleJohor

Website: http://www.indoorlasertag.com.my/

14th Hackerspace Johor Bahru Meet up on 6 September 2014. We have
Mr. Feng Lim, Startup Johor
Mr. Ken Neoh, Infinete Loop Media
Mr. Dave Appleton, Raspberry pi Guru

For more detail, stay tune for next post.

August 2014 hackerspace Johor Bahru Meet Up

Recipes for Asia from DeNA cook book

By Jaime Ocampa, Director for Socail Games Business Development, DeNA

Why Asia? Popular in

        1. ART
  • building the right character
  • drawing MOI character
  1. bossy girl
  2. shy shy girl
  3. punctual serious girl
  4. gentle kind hearted (big breast)
  • Game System
    • CHINA - pay for VIP status
    • JAPAN - pay for rarity
    • KOREA - pay for Firepower
  • Intellectual Property, IP
    • Things to consider - big deals to creators
    • Case Study NBA 梦之队 - card artwork from real game scenes
    • Co-development - lots of configuration


    • CHINA - reward every 5 - 10 minutes
    • JAPAN - casual play to mid to hardcore feel
    • KOREA - skill & adrenaline rush

    Social Experiences

    • CHINA - Brag to strangers
    • JAPAN - private and anonymous
    • KOREA - teams, cooperative play. I am not alone.

    Currently working in Attach of Titon, Nyanko Daiboso Project.
    Please visit http://dena.com/intl/ for more information