IconApps Season 3 Briefing Session @ Danga Bay, Johor Bahru

20 April 2014


ICONApps Boot Camp @Iskandar Malaysia is an 8-weeks Mobile Apps Development Programme (2 day class per week) targeted at individuals who are looking to enter the mobile content industry. It is encouraged to joined as a team of 2-3 multi skilled Malaysian citizens.

The programme is colloboration between

  • University Technology Malaysia
  • Digital Malaysia
  • MDec
  • Iskandar Malaysia

It is a FREE programme. Participants just need to responsible for their own lodging, transportation, food and beverages.

Briefing session was conducted on 20 April 2014. For more detail, please visit MagicX UTM


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1MET Bootcamp 2014, Johor Bahru

5 April 2014

Some of the hackerspaceJB members attended 1Malaysia EnTrepreneur Bootcamp 2014 at Dewan Sultan Iskandar, University Technology Malaysia.

Event Itinerary

8.00am  Event Registration

9.15am  Speech by Bikesh L

9.17am  Speech by personnel from Ministry of Finance

9.25am  Ice Breaking session

9.45am First Steps

10.30am  Coffee break and networking session

11.00am  Group photo session

11.10am Marshmallow Challenge/ How to Fail

11.40am Identifying Opportunities

12.30noon  Sharing by Local Entrepreneurs, Mr Chia C. W

1.00pm  Lunch Break and networking session

2.00pm  Business Model Generation

2.45pm  Business Model Canvas

3.30pm Presentation from Group

4.00pm Q&A Session

4.15pm Tea Break

5.00pm  Closure

Detail of each session will be shared on the coming blog post. Stay tune for it. #entrepreneur #1MET #JohorBahru

Temporary Workspace in JB

HackerspaceJB offers a space for you to work on your idea, a place for collaboration.

I am actually using it today as my internet connection was down all morning and my backup failed also. You can sign up for just a day or get more credits and use this as a part time workspace.

The space include wifi internet access.

Membership Fee

Membership fee works on a prepaid credit system. Purchase of 1 credit allows a member to access hackerspace for 1 hour. The charge is capped at 8 credits per day. If a member accessed hackerspace from 8am to 8pm, only 8 credits will be charged. (Credit has no expiry date, it is good forever.)

Credits are purchased in bulk:

  • 8 credits (~ 1 day) = RM16.00
  • 40 credits (~ 1 week) = RM72.00 (10% discount)
  • 160 credits (~ 1 month) = RM240.00 (25% discount)
  • 960 credits (~ 6 months) = RM960.00 (50% discount)
  • Work on cool ideas = Priceless

Current details for membership (in case the details have been updated when you are reading this post).

Also, remember to check out the HSJB monthly meetings - announcements on these are sent via Twitter.

Project idea - app to track status and reliability of ISPs

Project idea for some web hacker.

Create an app that will let a user install it and input their internet service provider (Unity, P1…) and then track

  1) status - up or down

  2) track history of up and down time

  3) location of user

  4) dropped package results, ping time, download speed would also be nice…

  5) present the historical and current data

Business that are proud of their performance should publish accurate data.  However, the ISPs here are often down without posting any notice of that.  Performance can be extremely poor (with > 33% package loss this afternoon for example on P1 in city center JB) but no notice is posted by the ISP on what is going on, what they are doing to fix it, etc..

Transparency is a good thing.  Hacking tools that help provide transparency is a good thing.  With transparency customers can find businesses that provide reliable services and in doing so help those businesses prosper.

There may already be an app in existence somewhere?

It seems this would be useful anywhere that ISPs don’t provide good transparency.

December HackerSpace Johor Bahru Meetup
Everyone is welcome this Friday, December 6th at 8 PM, as this is not only for technical people.

This meetup will be a great event to meet JB’s entrepreneurs, exchange startup ideas, networking and basically just meeting cool peeps. Feel free to share your startup/entrepreneur experiences and talk about interesting projects you currently working on.

We will be having five 5-minute slots for any participant to talk about anything! Your business idea, startup you working on, any technical challenge you facing, looking for co-founder to work on amazing idea etc etc. Anything goes. Email hello@hackerspacejb.org if you would like to reserve a spot to talk in advance. A projector can be provided if you need one.

RSVP on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HackerSpaceJB (or email).

113-2, Jalan Damai
Taman Serene
80300 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia

Contact: +6010-887-5900 (Hong)
Email: hello@hackerspacejb.org
ICBM Address: 1.469807,103.773114

Webcasts from Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship Center

Stanford University offers over 2,000 webcasts and podcasts on entrepreneurship and innovation by leaders and entrepreneurs.

A few examples:

The UI (user interface) is pretty horrible (I sent them feedback) but the videos are great.

Mitch Altman at TEDxBrussels – “The Hackerspace Movement”

Mitch Altman discusses the global Hackerspace Movement at TEDxBrussels.

4th HSJB Meetup

Group photo Group photo

Idea exchange Idea exchange

Yong Wei used an Arudino to control a camera. It uses the camera to perform time-lapse photography. Camera in action

Yong Wei explaining how it works. Yong Wei explaining how it works

Rob Lee talking about Traffic Cam Project. Traffic Cam Project

Ken is making a video serie to feature “movers and shakers” of Johor Bahru. This is a community project and he is bearing the cost of production. If you like to be featured, or would like to see someone featured, you may contact marketing@infineteloop.com. Ken talking about ImpactMaker

Leo works in the medical industry. His company provides IT solutions to hospitals. He is sharing his idea of getting feedback from patients, and possibly staffs, in hospitals. Leo sharing his idea

HackerSpaceJB Membership

HSJB is a place for you to explore ideas with fellow enthusiasts. Now you can signup for membership and get started with your project.

Checkout http://www.hackerspacejb.org/membership

Contact: hello@hackerspacejb.org

This is our 2nd meetup. Around 30 people turned up, the best attendance so far. Pizza and Shiok burgers are served during the event.

Event photos: http://on.fb.me/14tw84M