The 3rd Drinkentrepreneurs event in JB is back!

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The 3rd Drinkentrepreneurs event in JB is back! Now bigger and better! In conjunction with our 3rd successful event, we would like to make it extra special for all our attendees

Complimentary welcome drink for all registered guest and get chauffeured luxuriously to our event and back all on us!

» Here’s how «

1) Register on our Eventbrite link below:

2) Download Uber on your smartphone and use this promo code ‘UBERDEJB’ for 2 FREE luxury rides to our event and back.

Date: 25th September 2014 (Thurs)
Time: 8pm onwards
Venue: Quando Quando, Hotel Granada
(next to McDonalds Bukit Indah)

Picnic Lite App - Bring back Malaysians’ Favourite Past Time

Picnic Lite

"Berkelah" mean Picnic in Malay Language. It is Malaysian’s favourite past time. During weekend or public holiday, parent will bring their kids for picnic at the nearby recreation center. The idea was transformed into the mobile game.

Be Different From Others in Business World

6 September 2014

How to get your message to your audience?

How to explain your business in 60s?

How to be the unique one?

Mr. Ken Neoh (founder of Infinete Loop Media) shared with us the green screen technology to on video production

A technique he applied to make 8 days hotel stand out from other.

For more information,

Website: http://www.infineteloop.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InfineteLoop

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/infineteloop

Startup Wave is Coming to Johor


If you miss out the great sharing by Mr. Lim Feng (Founder of At20s) on 6 September 2014 Meet up, here is some tips from the founder.

  • Think Globally
  • Think Competitive

For more information,

Website: http://www.startupjohor.org

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StartupWeekendJB

Discussion: https://www.facebook.com/groups/startupjohor

Suit Up! Lasert Tag Battle is in Johor Bahru


Wonder how Laser Tag technology work? Is the game safe?

All the questions are solved when Mr John gave his sharing in August 2014 meet up.

- It is based on RFID technology.

- It is less painful or no pain compare to paintball game

- The laser gun need to use 2 hands to hold.

- Players can not play like riffle or movie star. Use one hand to shot other.

- It has multiple safety features.

For more information, check it out at

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LaserBattleJohor

Website: http://www.indoorlasertag.com.my/

14th Hackerspace Johor Bahru Meet up on 6 September 2014. We have
Mr. Feng Lim, Startup Johor
Mr. Ken Neoh, Infinete Loop Media
Mr. Dave Appleton, Raspberry pi Guru

For more detail, stay tune for next post.

August 2014 hackerspace Johor Bahru Meet Up

Recipes for Asia from DeNA cook book

By Jaime Ocampa, Director for Socail Games Business Development, DeNA

Why Asia? Popular in

        1. ART
  • building the right character
  • drawing MOI character
  1. bossy girl
  2. shy shy girl
  3. punctual serious girl
  4. gentle kind hearted (big breast)
  • Game System
    • CHINA - pay for VIP status
    • JAPAN - pay for rarity
    • KOREA - pay for Firepower
  • Intellectual Property, IP
    • Things to consider - big deals to creators
    • Case Study NBA 梦之队 - card artwork from real game scenes
    • Co-development - lots of configuration


    • CHINA - reward every 5 - 10 minutes
    • JAPAN - casual play to mid to hardcore feel
    • KOREA - skill & adrenaline rush

    Social Experiences

    • CHINA - Brag to strangers
    • JAPAN - private and anonymous
    • KOREA - teams, cooperative play. I am not alone.

    Currently working in Attach of Titon, Nyanko Daiboso Project.
    Please visit http://dena.com/intl/ for more information

    Panel: Vietnamese Mobile Game Market Insights

    M, Moderator: Robin Tan, Founder & Managing Director, Envisage Reality

    C: Christopher Liu, Vp, VNG

    T: Tran Vinh Quang, COO, Appota

    A; Andy Nguyen, Co-Founder & VP, mWork


    M: Vietnam is an interesting market. Each user has more than 1 mobile phone. How is the game history in Vietnam?

    A: Currently there are 140 million mobile subscribers in Vietnam. In 2013, 150% increase in smart phone usage. From 8 million to 18 million usage. The game market is growing double too.

    T: Vietnam is a very fast growing market. The biggest brand in Vietnam is Samsung. iPhone is for social status. There are around 25 million android users and 10 million hardcore gamers. Hardcore gamers in Vietnam are very united to play hardcore game. Some may prefer casual game. But there is increase in hardcore game. Most of the gamers prefer similar game to PC game. Then they will play and want to be the top players. They do prefer cross platform game. The market is blooming.

    C: The most popular phone is Samsung Galaxy S4. Nokia and other brands will enter Vietnam market too.

    M: Share with us the percentage of Internet PC? PC vs Mobile café?

    C: PC café shifts to mobile phone game. More people can get a home PC. Smart phone can get at cheaper price too.

    T: Mobile can play anywhere, anytime. Users can spend 1 to 3 hours to play in morning, noon and night. Users take around 20% of their time in smart phone. Another trend is users will get a tablet to play game while smart phone is for messaging friends.

    A: players now can play on both devices. Since they have PC at home, visit to cyber café will be less. It is more affordable to buy a phone and play game. The feeling of RPG game can be found in mobile phone too. Market size is  50%, Mobile game is 100%. In 2011, PC game revenue is $230 million. In 2014, the mobile game industry is estimated at $120 million. Vietnam is quite a potential market for developers to venture.

    M: What kind of games do best in Vietnam?

    C: Journey To West game is sill popular. Many Chinese cultures games in Vietnam. Acceptance of China culture is high. Social economic status is same as China.

    T: Culture effect is very much. Magga One Piece, Naruto affect the young people. Let people adopt the game from manga is easier. RPG game is popular too. Mobile phone can handle battle game a lot too. Dancing game from Korea is getting popular in Vietnam too. While, monetize of western game is not so great in Vietnam yet. In near future, all the games will be accepted. Strategic game from western is not well accepted too.

    M: Vietnam do follow China game trend. What strategy should they take to enter Vietnam market?

    T: Free play game from Google Play and iTune Store. Players also get games from mobile messaging app such as OTT, Kakao Talk and LINE. Not much TV ad on mobile game yet. Affiliate marketing brings more customers. In house traffic from other resources is another good strategy.

    A: Ask yourself how to get money from end user? Usage of credit card in Vietnam is less than 3%. Game company must work with Vietnam carrier billing for payment solution.  How to distribute game? Facebook is an effective methods. There are around 50million to 80 million Facebook users in Vietnam. Social marketing is a recommended strategy. Local 3rd party can work with Appota. Affiliate Marketing can work with mWork. Take risk to pay money first to gain revenue.

    M: Is there any government policy in Vietnam taxation on Game?

    C: Government is focusing in IP on client game. Mobile games do not have much restriction from government. You need to work with local party. Article is needed to promote your game. To enter Vietnam market, on need lots of local channel and offline channels too.

    M: in China, it is not allow doing public game advertisement but can advertise on event. Is it the same as Vietnam?

    T: PC game has more regulations too. Mobile game has no restriction. Company need to pay VAT. Foreign company need to pay 2 taxes. Most of the foreign company use Hong Kong or Singapore bank for banking.

    M: Any last advice for foreign developers?

    A: Firstly must have local partners. Payment and getting license is very hard in Vietnam. Secondly, if the game is success in China, it can be success in Vietnam too.

    T: 1) Localization is needed.

    2) Payment is a big barrier

    3) Understand how people play game

    C: solution for payment can be by SMS. 2) Get a local provider. 3) Use Facebook and Google as marketing strategy. VNG is good in offline marketing.

    How does mobile game background music improve game quality?

    By Louis lu, CEO, XiaoXu Game Audio Studio

    • Mobile game or pc game music is crucial
    • Graphic no 1, music no 2
    • To compose the music, we need the game trial version
    • Currently, the human voice aspect is getting popular too
    • www.gamemusic.cn